Nurtured Heart

While reading the book called Transforming the difficult child by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley I took away some great ideas that I think will help me when raising my daughter even if she does grow up to be a little angel.  Don’t we all hope!!  This approach is based upon (which we hear it all the time) positive reinforcement.  All too often we give our children more attention with more passion for the bad behaviors which they show-so they continue in that path.  What if we gave them the same passion, excitement and attention instead for following the rules, doing good things, and being kind-then maybe they would continue on the positive path.  As Mothers trying so hard to do everything right, what if we showed as much happiness and excitement when our child put their dishes away, as we do anger when they leave them on the counter, maybe in turn they will put the dishes away.  I know this is hard sometimes because our lives are so busy, but I am going to make a conscious effort to show my daughter just how happy and proud I am, when she puts her shoes away instead of leaving them by the door.  Because I am a Mom I will passionately love the positive choices that she makes so she will continue to make them.


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