Our Mother

Our Mother was committed to create an information site with forums and articles for Mother’s around the world, empowing us to believe that we can make a difference in the future.  This wonderful woman, passed away before she was able to see her dream and ideas come to fruition.  In dedication to her, we, her daughters, are committed to leaving her legacy behind, because of the mother that she was, and the mothers that she raised us to be.

Thank you mom!

To Our Hero

Just dropping a note like you always do,

To tell you we’re proud you’re our mom, and that we’re part of you.

We know that you’re dancing and singing today,

Like you did with us in the kitchen, almost every day.

Some of our best qualities we learned from watching you,

We’re all strong; we’re proud and independent too.

A lady poised and classy is the face you showed the rest,

But the mom at home in sweatpants is the one we loved the best.

Your sense of humor was one of a kind and we’ll cherish the times we all laughed,

We’ll always remember your witty one liners, your stories, and jokes where you only told half.

You were always there when we needed you to be,

Our proms, our weddings and firsts with our babies.

We’ll get through each day with our game faces on, because you taught us to,

We’ll talk to you often and think of you each day, because we still need you.

The family traditions you started for us, we promise never to quit,

Especially the one where you’d give us the angels and holding hands, we’d all talk and sit.

Even though our time was too short, our memories, they are not small,

Of all the mothers in the world, you far surpass them all.

You always let us just be who we are, and supported us when we were wrong,

“Your mine – so be proud of who you are,” you’d say and help us along.

You always knew things, both the good and the bad, before we even could say,

And we know things too, “we’re important”, and “your loving us today and every day.”

Your time here might be done, but we need you still,

You know, there are spots in our souls that only our mother can fill.

Mommy-Friend we love you most – love always – your girls


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